I began the day with a Seminar at our Eurocentral Office focusing on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation and touching on Cyber Security. Cyber-attacks are a daily occurrence in the business world, as are the daily emails from companies trying to put the fear into you about the fines related to the new GDPR.

Document Data Group were delighted to partner with David Reilly the Managing Director of Create T’s an C’s who like us wanted to educate rather than scaremonger businesses about GDPR legislation and how to prepare for its arrival in May 2018.

David’s presentation delivered three clear points for every business to consider:

  • Encryption of all personal data that you store.
  • Keep personal data collection to a minimum: if you don’t use it, why keep it?
  • Restrict access to staff within your company: only those who need access to the personal data to do their job should have the access.

Following on from David’s presentation one of our long-standing customers Colin Millar of the Scottish Personal Assistant Employers Network gave the audience an insight into his business. Colin is expected to store high volumes of personal data and when he was the victim of a ransomware attack it took the company 7 months to recover. Since then, he has now implemented one of our Document Management Systems which ticks all the boxes discussed by David Reilly: Data Encryption, Data Retention and Role Based Access Control.


After such a successful morning Managing Director Steve Young and I were honoured to be invited along to the Scottish Parliament where Cabinet Secretary for Justice Michael Matheson MSP spoke about Cyber Security and how seriously the Government are taking this. According to Michael Matheson by 2020 Scotland will be at the forefront of Cyber Security Intelligence.

SO after almost a full day of GDPR and Cyber Security I then go onto BBC News this morning to find the headline “NHS ‘could have prevented’ WannaCry ransomware attack”.

I think the clear message to all businesses is don’t ignore the changes that are happening, show a willingness to change and take some simple precautions to protect information within your business, in particular personal data.

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Have a great weekend!

Lynne Boyd

Marketing Manager