Top Benefits of a Paperless Office

Digital Transformation seems to be a buzzword that every business is talking about. Print and Paper are on the way out and innovative new paperless solutions are in. Or so it seems. Despite all this media coverage, the paperless phenomenon is a relative newcomer to the oftentimes stuffy and traditional office environment. We’ll take you through all the top benefits of a paperless office and the positive impacts this can have on your business.


Let’s face it: the sheer amount of time we spend printing, filing, and looking for documents is oftentimes staggering. Additionally, it is oftentimes completely out of proportion with the value this adds to the business. Wouldn’t it be easier having all those documents and all that information in a centralised location? What about digitising and automating finance tasks?

Well, this is where a paperless office comes into play. By switching to a paperless office, you’ll quickly notice that business processes become simplified and automated. This helps free up valuable time, allowing key players within your company to focus on the things that matter: growing your business, providing exceptional customer service, and improving your product or service. Invoicing and finance automation are just a couple of examples of how the digital revolution can completely revamp your business productivity levels.

Accessibility & Storage

This brings us on to our next point: accessibility. With the advent of Optical Character Recognition and other innovative new document management solutions, it becomes easier to analyse, store, and access the information. This software can effectively ‘read’ these documents and transmit the information to a digital storage location, making it easier to retrieve for future use. The result is a crisp and clean workflow that gets rid of paper-ridden desktops and overflowing filing cabinets.

Furthermore, this also means these documents are available at the push of a button, making them highly compatible with your email workflow and ensuring that you get the information you need without any delays. If your business communicates directly with customers, then paperless document management systems can speed up response times and provide a more seamless customer experience.


While the initial investment may seem steep at the time, the overall return on investment makes moving to a paperless office a bit of a no-brainer. The key factor is to be able to make the transition in your own way at the right time. Don’t wait till it’s too late, as taking a reactive stance to digital transformation can have serious implications on the longevity of your business.

Plus, as we previously mentioned, time is money, and the amount of time a document management system could save you will revolutionise the way your business operates.


A good document management system is probably the most secure way to store documents. Access to certain information can be granted or denied based on the individual in question and passwords help to keep information secure and safe. This is particularly important for companies who store a lot of personal records or manage large quantities of data.


Customers are paying more and more attention to the environmental and ethical implications of their purchases. As a result, most companies now operate with level of transparency about their production process, as they are often asked about their environmental credentials. A paperless office can help your business do its part in preventing unnecessary wastage and harming the environment. Giving your customers peace of mind is a great way of proving that your business is forward-thinking, progressive, and actively looking to modernise potentially archaic production processes.

Future Proofing your Business & Growth

When it comes to the future of your business, a paperless office really is the future. Not only does it provide you with the peace of mind and security that a modern business needs, but it ensures that your business can grow as technology progresses. This is crucial if you want to avoid the traditional growing pains that often plague corporations.

A digital document management system also means that you will always have all the necessary records in case of a business audit, which could save you thousands of pounds in unnecessary fines.

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