DCA Instructions

Many thanks for your time and courtesy extended to our technical team today and should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at; support@documentdatagroup.com
If you receive an email alert advising that your “Toner Monitor Down” please follow this procedure which would have been demonstrated today by our technical team to re activate, failure to do so will result in no automated toner or meter readings.

To Reactivate Your DCA

To reactivate your DCA;

• Go to where the DCA has been loaded (your server or a PC)
• Within the search bar type in DCA, then run programme
• Bottom right as shown below click force scan
• When you have the 4 green ticks and transmission success as shown below the DCA will be running successfully.

Finally click save

Your DCA is now fully re-activated thus resulting in device/s communicating with DDG avoiding potentially running out of toner.