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Print Management offers customers full control of printing within the business by analysing the usage of your printer/photocopier or MFD, highlighting any hidden costs and implementing changes which can reduce time, save money, increase productivity and improve document security.

Document Data Group are now offering a FREE print audit that starts by answering three simple questions. From there, we look for innovative solutions for maximising the efficiency of your print fleet and apply any necessary workflow changes. Print Management can be a difficult task to deal with when you’re busy with running the rest of your business; by letting verified experts like Document Data Group take care of this for you, you’ll save time and money in the process. Our free print audit takes care of the hard part for you. If anything, it’s the perfect way to affirm that your systems and processes are optimised the way they should be.

During the Print Management Process several areas should be considered:

  1.  Which devices do you have in the office: desktop printers,  Photocopiers, Multifunctional Devices, Fax Machines?
  2. What is the average number of prints generated per month?
  3. Are these prints mono or coloured copies?
  4. Is coloured printing required in every department?
  5. An understanding of the print requirements of each member of staff
  6. How do you order replacement toner?
  7. How to you deal with Print Security? could confidential documents be picked up by anyone at the printer or are you using Pin Code release?
  8. Any service/maintenance contracts in place?

Document Data Group can help you with all your Print Management solutions – simply contact us today!

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