We were recently featured in the The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland in an article about storage and what can be done to modernise your storage systems. Read a bit more below.

In association with Document Data Group: Are you still storing paper case files? How much is it costing you waiting for their retrieval?

“Time is money” is a well-known phrase, and no one understands that better than those in the legal industry. That is why having an efficient and flexible storage system for documents is critical in maximising time management and chargeable hours for your company.

Do you currently use an off-site storage company? Are you frustrated at having to wait hours or even days for crucial case files to be returned to your office? What about the cost of storage and the additional costs to retrieve documents?

It’s time to stop investing in filing cabinets and off-site storage and start to embrace the digital technologies that will improve access to information and provide remote employees with easy self-serve access to case files.

Electronic document management is this digital world, eliminating time-consuming, paper-heavy storage tasks and giving you access to your own documents 24 hours a day using any digital device: PC, laptop, tablet or Apple/Android smartphone. Case files can be scanned in and filed via your printing device or phone, enabling colleagues in the office or in other locations to access the latest information immediately.

This method of document storage will eliminate the possibility of lost or misplaced files by storing all your documents in searchable digital file cabinets, all within a centralised location – therefore alleviating common bottlenecks caused by off-site storage and getting you back on track with that phrase “Time is money”.

Read the full story here: http://www.journalonline.co.uk/Magazine/63-9/1026278.aspx

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