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Save time and money whilst reducing paperwork and frustration by using a Document Management system to digitally store documents.


The benefits of a Document Management System:

  • Improve Security: Documents getting into the wrong hands can be detrimental for a business. A Document Management System only grants access to authorised persons.
  • Reduce storage space of documents: Filing cabinets and storage cupboards can now be removed from the office. The need to move offices due to a lack of space is no longer an issue.
  • Faster Retrieval: Documents are stored using key search fields meaning future retrieval is quick.
  • Back up and disaster recovery
  • Document Retention: Automated GDPR compliance.
  • Improve workflow: Documents can be passed between departments or person to person with greater efficiency






Please get in touch today, the process begins with a consultation between your company and a member of the Document Data Group Solutions Team. We will then build a free of charge demonstration, customised to suit your business needs and present this to you.  So, don’t delay, start your digital journey today.

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