What is the General Data Protection Regulation?

On 25th May 2018, the GDPR will be enforced across Europe, including the UK and aims to give citizens more control over their personal data.

Why should businesses care about GDPR?

The potential to be fined for non compliance as well as bad press and loss of reputation if you get caught

Who does it affect?

  • If you employ people your HR and Payroll data will be subject to GDPR
  • If you record and store any information about any identifiable person, even if you don’t store their name the data is still covered by the GDPR
  • All client files and marketing files. Where did you get this data from? Have you for explicit consent?

How can Document Data Group help?

Contact us today using the form below and we will discuss Document Management Systems and the benefits of these which can help you to comply with the GDPR requirements. These include

  • Encryption of all data: if your company was to be the victim of a cyber attack, encrypted data prevents the sharing of any personal information
  • Role based access control: using a document management system restrictions can be put in place to lock down access to data to only those whom require access to complete their job. This is a key benefit for GDPR compliance.
  • Retention Control: remembering to destroy documents such as CV’s which contain personal information is a task many never get round to doing. However under the GDPR you need to be on top of this. The Document Management system will flag these up to you at regular intervals to be deleted almost fully taking the onus off of you.
  • Audit Trail & Traceability: a document management system fives full visability of when a document entered the system and any amendments made throughout its lifetime.