Print Audit

A flurry of papers, a desperate search for ink or toner, and frantic button pressing on the printer – we all know what it feels like when printers don’t work when they’re supposed to. Naturally, these problems never come up when you have the time to sort it out – it almost always happens when that big quarterly report needs to be printed out. The solution is a simple one: employ a print audit to help get your printing, and any unnecessary costs, under control.

Printing is probably one of the most overlooked administrative costs in any given business. This is exacerbated by the fact that for many people, printing is always the final action in any given workflow. As a result, it is never given the proper attention that it should. To help identify this omnipresent problem, we’ve compiled a list of the three most important signs that your business needs a print audit.

You don’t know how much printing is costing you

It is estimated that over 80% of companies don’t know how much printing costs their business. The trouble is that most of these businesses often gloss over the seemingly ‘trivial’ nature of printing costs. At the end of the day, what’s a sheet here or there?

Well, for any medium or even small-sized business, these sheets add up. Even more important than the sheets themselves is the ink that’s printed on them. Incredibly, ink is more expensive than good quality champagne, a fact that, along with unforeseen maintenance costs and potential business downtime, should be enough to deter any business from not investing in a proper print management system.

Our free print audit has helped many companies save in the region of 30% of print costs – which could amount to thousands of pounds over a yearly period, depending on the size of the business. If anything, a print audit is an opportunity to verify the efficiency of your business infrastructure, which is a vital prerequisite to sustainable, long-term growth.

You are always behind on maintenance

Maintenance is one of those things that always gets forgotten about. Broken printers, faulty systems, and mandatory upgrades – it all happens at the most unfortunate of times. A print audit, and any print management systems that are implemented as a result, can help identify issues within your printing infrastructure. After all, you can’t put a price on operational efficiency.

In the first quarter of 2018, we undertook 1100 maintenance calls. Our fix rate (not response rate) for these calls was 2.4 hours, nearly twice as fast as the industry standard. This not only makes us the fastest when it comes to print management and maintenance, but also means we’ve dealt with just about every problem under the sun. Take it from us – these maintenance tasks are not things you want to have to be dealing with yourself. They can be costly and frustrating, but more importantly, can lead to an entire halt in print production. A print audit can help alleviate some of these stresses and means you have a point of contact if things ever take a turn.

Print Productivity is at an all time low

“Can you print this document for me?” It’s a desperate plea we hear too often around offices when our print systems are down or ink is low. Optimising your printing process is an investment into an efficient and long-lasting workflow and will enable your business to take that all-important step towards more growth and higher productivity levels. Once again, this is a huge sign that you need a print audit. Just because you can’t measure how much wastage is going on, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.

When it comes to printing, it’s really quite simple. People want the right things to work when they need to. And if they should malfunction, they want a solution. Not tomorrow, not next week. NOW.

We use our print audit to identify what the issues are in your printing workflow and what measures can be taken to increase productivity. Years of experience and involvement in a wide range of sectors means that we know exactly how to adapt our knowledge to your business needs. As a result, we have a client retention rate of 97%, primarily because we only recommend our print management strategies when we know it’ll have a positive impact.

Peace of mind, completely free

That’s why we are offering our print audit for free to any business interested in examining their print systems and management processes. Get in touch with Document Data Group for more information.